Monday, February 4, 2013

Bond No. 9’s New York in a bottle

    New York is known to be the busiest place in the world, true or not people still love the place even with its alarming tag. New York is truly one of the famous and well known places in the Unites states not just because of how people describe it but also by how the media has showcased different places in the area. There are a lot of landmarks in this place that people enjoy and choose to make memories to cherish like at the Empire Estate and the Central Park, for sure most of you heard of special and important events that people choose to have in these wonderful places. Aside from this the smell of New York will surely amaze you with the blend of all the landscapes and coffee shops all over the place keeping you active and on the go.

If you are a fan of New York, Bond No. 9 made a perfume with the title “New York for All”. It comes in a hippie container with a top that looks like a star and has a straight end to make it stand. It is made of a classy mix of colors black and white with the famous I love NY country logo they have. The bottle is not the only thing to look forward, Bond No. 9 made the perfume signature to New York to make NY lovers feel at home wherever they are or to make tourists have a remembrance of the big apple’s ambiance. The fragrance consists of the mix bergamot, muguet, pepper, cocoa lmr, coffee beans, creamy chestnut, patchouli, vanilla, leatherwood, and sandalwood Bond No.9 sure made it as if you never left the busy streets of New York. The limited edition perfume does not only offer its scent but also a cute necklace that you could keep as a remembrance or could wear around to show how much you love New York, it is indeed a symbol of belongingness to the streets of New York as you have their sign to walk around with.

Bond No. 9 Perfume

If you are a New York fan or has the desire to experience the aroma that New York can bring, try this at Nordstorm’s site.

Images via: Pretty 'N Poppington