Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fame and riches unhandled

Lots of celebrities start from simple to fabulous then to Prada. However, some manage to live a life without debts, some cannot. As we can see fame and riches are one of the deadliest pits of all time, it can either bring you to the zenith of your dreams or to the doom of your name and career. These two things should be given to people who can handle and manage them well. However, it is obvious that a lot of people are given the chance to have this and it is just up to them if they would handle it well. 

Lindsay Lohan, a former Disney artist really captured the hearts of a lot of people when she was younger. She was in movies that truly shared good messages about family and relationships, fantasies and realities. However, the little princess wasn’t able to manage all this. When she grew up everything became a lot more different from the movies to the song she makes. A lot still appreciated her for that but now that she is not that of a celebrity anymore the little princess turned wild. Lindsay Lohan has been in the entertainment headlines a lot of times already when she turned in her early 20’s she was caught for driving in the influence of alcohol, misbehavior in bars, debts for rent, credit cards and taxes  and worse use of drugs. Just this month, Lindsay is said to be big debt for the mansion she is renting in Beverly Hills, thought the celeb doesn’t earn much anymore she cannot withdrew from her one day millionaire lifestyle and eventually buries herself in  trouble. It is said that she asks help from her friends to earn some or to get enough to avoid being homeless. Some were able to lend her money before but in this situation what will happen to Lohan is uncertain.

Lindsay Lohan’s life turned bad not because of the track of her career but because of how she managed her resources. Though there is a sure reason behind this sudden change in the actress’s lifestyle and whatever it may be she definitely needs help. May her life be a lesson to everyone not just in the showbiz industry but also for those who have more than they really need.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angelina goes full time mommy

     The internationally famous Hollywood star of Tomb Raider and Salt captured the hearts of millions of men and women. Angelina Jolie surely is a good actress admired by many as she showcases unique roles everytime she comes out of a movie. She is a promising actress that lives to her given character making the audience silent in awe on how she makes stories look real and heartfelt. Angelina even surprised lots of people with her love for abandoned children as she and her live-in partner Brad Pitt, adopted 3 children from different parts of the world. Angelina Jolie shows an image of a woman who wants to share her fame and wealth to people less fortunate than her, a woman with a real heart.

Unfortunately, there was news that Angelina is going to give up her career soon. Some say that she is preparing for her wedding with Brad but with her statements it is quite obvious that she is choosing to take care of her family other than anything else. As shown in Britain’s channel 4 news, the actress says that she wants to be part of the world in a positive way and that she also comes to realize that she wants to be a full time mom. I think I’m going to have to give up the acting as the kids hit the teenage years, anyway, too much to manage at home,” says the actress. Angelina Jolie’s retirement, though not given public certainty yet would surely shock her avid fans. If she leaves the Hollywood industry show business would be like a broken leg because they would lose one of the best stars they ever had. Anyway, Angelina Jolie’s retirement will not be put to waste as she dedicates her life to be a mother, a status no one can take away from her, a feeling of contentment that will never be replaced by fame or any riches. 

Angelina’s children Maddox 11 years old; Pax ,8; Zahara, 7; Shiloh, 6 and twins Knox and Vivienne who are 4 years old now. Amazingly, this couple was able to raise 6 children and would surely make good citizens out of them. Whatever Angelina’s retirement might turn out to the public, it would for sure be an inspiration to women all over the world.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood tries musicals

Carrie Underwood
 In the 1960’s the Sound of Music made a great name in theaters all over the world. This musical transformed to a must see in the cinemas captured the hearts of viewers from all ages, young or old. The story of the Von Trapp family singers appealed people because of its relation to American history blended with the story of love, war, passion, family, religion, approval, friendship and music that every one surely can relate to. It has been decades since this amazing work was put to film and now NBC features a new and sure to be sought through release of the New Millennium’s Sound of Music, to revive the once and always loved film.

Late next year the show will be aired with the most promising actors and singers all over the world. American Idol Carrie Underwood will do her third acting career in the said project and shares that she is really excited to play the role. And she also shares that she likes the idea of returning the musicals back to this generation so children of today would come to appreciate the classics. “I feel like there needs to be more live music on TV. They’re bringing back hopefully a love of musicals to a whole new generation, it seems noble and it seems awesome,” Carrie Underwood says. Though she sees this as an ambitious project she assures everyone that she’s putting her guts into it for this is more than a remake of the Sound of music – “I definitely intend to work very, very hard to do the musical justice. It deserves the utmost care and respect”. Carrie Underwood never portrayed a role that includes acting and singing in the two movies she was in, but here you’ll definitely witness and adore a different side of her.

 If you are a fan of musicals and are one of the big crowds who laughed and cried their hearts in the previous film of the Sound of Music don’t miss this original transformation with Carrie Underwood and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. Witness and experience the beauty of musicals once again!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Confidence in tints

    Abba’s hit Dancing Queen has made a great name in the music industry during the 70’s which is still loved until today. This song has always been part of every party and is sure to be heard on the dates marked in your calendars. Surely as Christmas season comes near a lot of festive celebrations will get the most of your days and you would absolutely want to look at your best in these events. A perfect look would never fail to give you the confidence to get through the night but you should make sure to look unique in every celebration. As Abba’s all time favorite song was bought by millions of listeners around the globe here’s one deal that will surely make you a head turner, giving you and opportunity to have unique looks in every occasion that would definitely make you blend in with the beat of the night.

Lipstick Queen now gives out a Christmas blowout to all the sassy girls in the world, a set of lipstick with a kick of glitz and glamour. This new product was inspired by the famous party hit and is now known as the Lipstick Queen’s Dancing Queen by Poppy lipstick set. It comes with an inimitable feature of a sheer-matte formula that gives your lips a shiny look with a matte finish; this is truly a formula not all make-up brands can come up with. The set of lipstick shades comes in 3 different colors every woman would love: Cha Cha, which is in the hue of sheer wine perfect for any event in the day or at night and could match any shades of pink, gold, silver, blue, gray or black, can be used for work or for night outs. The Hustle, the nude version of the set is truly useful for any purpose, that it matches all colors that gives a unique glow just enough for simple walks and strolls for an elegant profile. The last of the set is perfect for making a loud impression, Electric Slide, the color of this shade of deep rose will make your lips attractive and eye catching for it is not the usual red tint that gives a minute glance and irritates the eyes. This color is cool in the eyes and perfect to look at. These shades would be perfect for any skin color and face structure as they come in a set of three you would have the freedom to try them all on.

Give yourself the perfect look and dozens of confidence this Christmas, have a Lipstick Queen’s Dancing Queen by Poppy lipstick set at $45..

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Invest without glitch!

    Today women are obsessed with collections of fashion fads, open their closets and there you’ll see tons of accessories that are meant to match every wardrobe they have. Eventually, some get out of style, some are forgotten or some will just end up in the trash bin because their either worn out or kicked out. In interviews of celebs or big names in the fashion industry most of their collections are composed of number 1 shoes and number 2 bags. There’s no actual ranking which is more or less but majority of them are used once then locked up forever. But why is there too much need for these things when they consequently end up to additional waste? And here’s what most women say, “We need a lot to mix and match, some won’t go for formals, some won’t go for casuals…”.Well, Marc Jacobs has definitely the trend for you who wishes to get less waste and more space.

Marc Jacobs signature brands are made with a style that would actually fit all occasions, they make sure that a girl would definitely have something to use and match even in just few owned items. Not only that, they make their products out of all types of genuine leather that ensures durability and long term usage. Marc Jacob the designer himself has worked for years of service as a creative director in Luis Vuitton and if you love their products you’ll surely love his own signature designs as well. His line of products is praises with unique designs and features that would surely match any occasion and any style. There are lots of products to choose from their site. This time the sales on so start looking for the best find.

It is understandable that women give utmost importance to style, for this is truly an important factor in giving a good impression and most importantly a reward of confidence and self esteem. On the other hand, too much can just lead to guilt of spending and having more than what is needed, so choose to use your money wisely on things that you can make real good use of with good quality and unique creativity.

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