Monday, February 4, 2013

Bond No. 9’s New York in a bottle

    New York is known to be the busiest place in the world, true or not people still love the place even with its alarming tag. New York is truly one of the famous and well known places in the Unites states not just because of how people describe it but also by how the media has showcased different places in the area. There are a lot of landmarks in this place that people enjoy and choose to make memories to cherish like at the Empire Estate and the Central Park, for sure most of you heard of special and important events that people choose to have in these wonderful places. Aside from this the smell of New York will surely amaze you with the blend of all the landscapes and coffee shops all over the place keeping you active and on the go.

If you are a fan of New York, Bond No. 9 made a perfume with the title “New York for All”. It comes in a hippie container with a top that looks like a star and has a straight end to make it stand. It is made of a classy mix of colors black and white with the famous I love NY country logo they have. The bottle is not the only thing to look forward, Bond No. 9 made the perfume signature to New York to make NY lovers feel at home wherever they are or to make tourists have a remembrance of the big apple’s ambiance. The fragrance consists of the mix bergamot, muguet, pepper, cocoa lmr, coffee beans, creamy chestnut, patchouli, vanilla, leatherwood, and sandalwood Bond No.9 sure made it as if you never left the busy streets of New York. The limited edition perfume does not only offer its scent but also a cute necklace that you could keep as a remembrance or could wear around to show how much you love New York, it is indeed a symbol of belongingness to the streets of New York as you have their sign to walk around with.

Bond No. 9 Perfume

If you are a New York fan or has the desire to experience the aroma that New York can bring, try this at Nordstorm’s site.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Shakira’s baby shower virtual and for everyone!

     Baby showers are one of the most anticipated couples who are soon parents to be. Friends and families come over to give advices, gifts and celebrate the soon arrival of the new member of the family. The usual showers are done with gift giving, sharing of dedications, games, food sharing and any ideas that would make the event fun and worthwhile. However, there is a couple well known in the showbiz  industry that made a different twist for their baby shower that wouldn’t just be worthwhile but also fulfilling. Shakira the famous singer we knew from hips don’t lie and her fiancĂ©, soccer star, Gerard Pique offered make their baby shower available all over the world and not for their kid to have lots of gifts when she or he comes out of this world, but to share lots of gifts to millions of parents who would like to give the best to their future children as well.

The well known singer as the United Nation’s goodwill ambassador, wanted to share blessings to those expectant parents as well, she and her husband opened their doors top receiving donations from 5 to 110 US dollars instead of receiving gifts for their baby boy. The couple even took a picture together in a black and white to be posted in the virtual baby shower to emphasize that this event will be showcased mainly to help people in the third world countries. The expectant parent’s reason for having this is clearly stated in Shakira’s statement during an interview “Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do. Yet many don’t share the same opportunities. Together we know we can change that.” Shakira and Gerard Pique’s baby shower can be seen online through this website: The program aims to purchase mosquito nets to avoid malaria, peanut butter based paste that will improve the health of children there preventing them from being undernourished and other items that could be of good help to the people there.

If you would like to donate and help for this cause just go through their website and start helping for change. The couple has shared to the world a nice value of not only thinking of your own family’s good but also of others as well. Let’s take this chance to make a difference!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The wows and oh-ohs in the 70th Golden Globe Awards

If someone is in the fashion or show business industry, it doesn’t follow that the person would be perfect in everything. Surely, some of our fashion specialists marked this date when they would be able to see the stars styled from head to toe as showcased by known artists worldwide.  This time, we have the worst and best dressers of all time picked from the 70th Golden Globe Awards that was held in California’s Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Artists came in with striking, bold suits and glamorous prints and hues in their long gowns that gave the audience a mix of awe and shock; some were made perfect but some were not. The greatest factor that made some actors and actresses the worst dressers of the evening is their wrong choice of material to use for their attire. Some wore loud colors and floral prints that looked really off on the red carpet. However those who were chosen as the best dressers were just simply amazing in their simple elegant but classy wardrobes. Here are simple peeks on how your favorite artists looked like:
Amanda Seyfried made all eyes glued on her with her white lace Givenchy, with complicated but adorable sheer panels, with light make-up making her look like an angel. Amy Adams, on the other hand, chose to wear an elegant nude strapless number from Marchesa and made her mermaid attire a little vintage with Marcel wave and Tiffany & Co. accessories. The hosts of the event, Amy Poehler came in with her daring Stella McCartney suit, while Tina came in a L’Wren Scott ankle-length dress and a Roger Vivier clutch. Anne Hathaway also left people in awe with her white strapless Chanel gown and her new hairdo. Emily Blunt looked fabulous in her Michael Kors gown and Claire Danes in her red Atelier Versace red gown. 

As several female celebrities were able to make it right with their attires that evening, the men definitely prepared themselves for the event. Bradley Cooper came in a black Tom Ford tux and accessorized with a bow tie. George Clooney showed off in his classic suit, Leonardo di Caprio arrived in a simple suit and Robert Pattinson in Gucci’s ‘Signoria’ tuxedo, though these men went simple but they sure looked outstanding. If there are best dressers there are also worst dressers, here are the list of your most awaited: Sienna Miller looked like she’s attending a flower festival in her Erdem dress together with Ariel Winter in Valentino and Lucy Liu in her Carolina Herrera dress, Jessica Chastain looked fatter in her Calvin Klein dress and worst of all is Halle Berry as she subtly proved that prints are not a reliable all-event fashion choice because of her loud dress that looked more of an inappropriate show off in the red carpet.

Whether they wowed or oh-oh-ed the audience in this 70th Golden globe awards, they are still the artists you adored and loved. Why not give suggestions for your favorites as early as now on how they would look at their best for the next awards night.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Stars that shone in the 24th Palm Spring International Film Festival Awards Gala

    How wonderful it is to see our favorite stars receive the awards that we know they deserve. Avid fans of their sought-through artists surely never missed the 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala where several artists got recognized for their hard work.  Famous artists known worldwide are given tribute and tokens for their outstanding performance, for their works of charity, for their unique ideas and most of all, for their talent in directing, acting and anything that is show business. The event took place in California, last January 5, Hollywood stars were able to show their fabulous styles while walking the red carpet. The event was hosted by Mary Hart who presented ten of the awards that the Festival gave out.

Here are the list of the recipients of the PSIFF Awards Gala given that day: Ensemble Performance Award given to Ben Affleck and casts from Argo, Bradley Cooper received the Desert Palm Achievement Award Actor, Helen Hunt was given the Spotlight Award, Helen Mirren received the International Star Award, Mychael Danna bagged the Frederick Loewe Award for her film composition, Naomi Watts received the Desert Palm Achievement Award Actress, Richard Gere received the Chairman's Award Robert Zemeckis received the Director of the Year Award, Sally Field (Lincoln) got the Career Achievement Award and Tom Hooper received the Sonny Bono Visionary Award for Les MisĂ©rables.

Aside from these awards, what caught the attention of the crowd was how these stars presented themselves in their amazing style. Ben Affleck came in a Gucci suit and a bowtie, Bradley Cooper was a glance catcher with his smile and Tom Ford Tuxedo, Noami Watts looked vibrant in her dazzling blue gown by Roland Mouret matched with gold drop earrings and Louie Vuitton Florida sandals, Hellen Mirren looked perfectly sophisticated in her red long Escada gown, partnered with David Webb accessories and Diane Lane was astounding as well, with her Dolce and Gabbana lace dress that was obviously shorter than the long gowns that the rest of the crowd chose to wear.
The 24th Palm Spring Festival is surely one of the most awaited events for our stars to show off their style and glamour and to finally get rewards for their internationally shared talents. We sure are happy for all the awardees and for those who were able to receive their awards. Congratulations!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Could there be a different ending for Cox and Arquette?

Some relationships are just not meant to end with a “Happy ever after”. Today people rush into marriage, when they get into a relationship and feel that it might work between the two of them they commit themselves to being married without really trying to think of what lies ahead.
Here in the United States divorce has been rampant most especially with big celebs, first because they have resources to do so and second they don’t have time for each other anymore. Things just don’t work the way they were when couples finally exchange their vows and see the real person they are dealing with. However, these bitter endings rarely come to sweet reconciliations but there are people who make it happen.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette amazingly maintained a good relationship after their separation. The couple got married around 1999 and stayed together for about 10 years or more. They separated at 2010 without filing a divorce yet, maybe to test if their relationship can still be restored to how it was before also for the sake of the family they have. The reasons for their separation were not clear at first but they sure ended it quietly not showing any hard feelings for each other. Last year, June 2012, David Arquette filed their divorce papers with the reason of “irreconcilable differences”. However, in the recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show, when asked about their status, Courteney Cox answered with delight that David is her bestfriend in the world now and that she loves him. She justifies that they have discovered a lot about each other after the separation that made them respect each other more. They keep a good relationship as friends, which is very amazing if you would compare them to quite a big number of couples which turned bad. The two share their time with their eight year old daughter Coco that may also be the reason why this former pair gets to have time for each other as well.

David Arquette is currently dating Cristina McLarty from Entertainment Weekly and Courteney Cox is still single. Though there could be a lot of questions why they separated, why Courteney is still single and how come two years have passed before they decided to finally file a divorce, what’s important is they still maintain a good relationship with each other. These two met each other because of the movies and series they did together, got in love with each other when they were in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and now that they are friends again, who knows if there could be another chance for the love that was once there?

Image Source: Mamamia