Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Skirt to Grab for Your Body Frame

Skirt is females’ garment. Through ages it has evolved into different styles, cuts, length, and for social status. Today girls are piled with skirts. Skirt exudes femininity, reveals softness of a woman. But it can be of greater use for your total look if you choose the skirt that is perfect for your body frame. So here are some tips about skirt shopping.

For Petite ladies: mini-skirts are best for petite ladies. Miniskirts add length to your legs girls with petite frames should wear skirts not covering their knees. Miniskirts have varieties they can be in denim, floral satins and stiff garments. Grab the right one according to the occasion you are set to go.

Mini skirtMini skirt

For Tall ladies: long skirts are best for you. It can make your legs even look longer and at the same time accentuate your legs’ shape through its silhouette. Nowadays, maxi skirt and mullet skirts are booming so there are lots of designs to choose from. Just remember again, the event.

Long SkirtsLong Skirts

For thin ladies: for thin ladies, skirts with drape design, high waist, and balloon details are for you. In this way, you will get to have a healthier and sexier aura. Avoid wearing skirt with tight pencil cut designs as it trims down fullness. High waist is good for you because it will make your legs look longer thus the focus will be on the length of your legs and not on your thinness. Balloons apparently will be your best friend, because aside from adding up volume to your waist it will also pull off youthful aura, but in that case choose simple top to tone down the loudness.
High waist skirtdraped and ballooned skirt


For full-figured ladies: skirts with loud prints and pleats are good for you. Mullet skirt is also advisable for it gives drama, you get to expose your knees yet you are all covered up from behind. Skirts with pleats minimize fullness of hips but don’t go to ball skirts. Skirts with straight cut must be your pick, to trim down unwanted fullness. 

Image Source: Satin Woods | This next | Sears | ModCloth

Monday, September 24, 2012

Score That Beach-Babe Look

   In just a few days, summer is about to end. Before you say hello to autumn, say goodbye for this year's summer and in a unique way be a beach babe first. So tag along your favorite pals and do water activities to your heart's content. So what are your must haves? Here's your checklist grab it and you're good to go and score that fab beach bum look.

    Sunnies: They say our eyes are the mirror of our souls so we must take care of them.  Bring your sunnies and say hello to the sun and other factors that may damage your eyes worry-free. For girls with huge face, try sunnies with square frames and for the girls with longish face circular-framed sunnies are perfect for you. Bvlgari and some prada are on sale for 50%. But for girls on budget Calvin Klein sunnies are there to save the day!
sunglasses for summer
Different Sunglasses for Summer

    Fedoras: Sunbathing can cause headache so you also need to bring your fedoras with you. Huge circular fedoras can also save you from a bad hair day in a fab way.
fedora hats for women
Floral Fedora Hats

    Flip Flops: Colorful flip flops are not just pleasing in the eyes but also safer to use on beach as it is lighter. Choose havs that has thin parallel lines in the sole to save you from slipping.
Perfect sets of summer inspired flip flops

    Sunblock: The most important part of our body the skin. Yes, it's true you want to achieve that copper toned skin for summer but you don't want to suffer from sunburn right. So, don't forget this ok.
sun block
There are wide range of sunblocks to choose

    Swimwear: This is the most important thing you must bring among them all. Choose swimwears that flatter your curves.  So how will you score that total beach-babe look without risking the embarrasing wardrobe malfunction? Simple get the swimwear that totally fits you. TIP: high cut bikinis are kinda trending now, you can give it a try.
sample swimwears
sample swimwears

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Monday, September 10, 2012

“Big reasons” to follow Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian lingerie
Social media networks have been very useful when you want to get the latest entertainment news, useful information, even the latest gossip about your favorite stars. While most stars on Twitter and Facebook give very interesting info on their respective accounts, reality star-slash-socialite Kim Kardashian apparently has more to offer. Recently, Kim has posted a raunchy photo of her on Facebook, Twitter, and photo sharing site Instagram. Some speculated this as her attempt to distract people from the ongoing saga of the divorce drama between her and ex-hubby Kris Humphries. Others think that this is her way of keeping herself in the news. For her millions of followers though, this is nothing new as she has been doing this for a long time now. Every now and then Kim has been posting pics of her 
on a bikini, in lingerie.

Her followers were very pleased as they have been continuing to grow over the years. Her more than 10 million Facebook followers and 16 million Twitter followers have been enjoying pictures of her with very little articles of clothing. Various entertainment sites have been picking her posts up and are taking notice of this all too frequent sexy posts of Kim. Some have been speculating if this is Kim’s way of earning her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not too long ago, Kim said that her career goal is to own her very own star bearing her name along Hollywood Boulevard. She said that she have read a quote somewhere, claiming that reality stars like her will never get a star in the Walk of Fame. Being the competitive person that she is, she wants to “break the mold” and thinks of this as an achievement and personal goal.

 If there’s one thing though that’s in the horizon for Kim, it’s the latest gossip about her possible wedding with another controversial celebrity, rapper Kanye West. In some of her posts on her various social network and photo sharing accounts, Kim have been posing in different designer wedding dresses.  So will wedding bells ring for Kanye and Kim? The two have no choice but to wait and have Kim’s wedding with cager Kris Humpries nullified.

Image Source: Kim Karshian Celebuzz

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is the ‘Breaking Dawn’ promo breaking down?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Breaking Dawn

The second part of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is coming this November. Normally, the promotion for the film should be starting. However, problems between the leading cast members of the movie are posing a potential problem that can affect the success of the movie. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of Twilight fans are eagerly waiting to line up and watch the final part of the series in theatres. However, there are a few kinks in the final plans for the promo of the movie. Recently, Kristen Stewart’s admission of her infidelity to Robert Pattinson has been in the top latest celebrity headlines today. A few months before the screening of the movie, the producers are still waiting for KStew and Pattinson to patch things up, so they can promote the last part of the Twilight franchise well. Unfortunately, Pattinson is still not in speaking terms with Stewart as he is still in very deep pain after what have happened. While the break-up was highly publicized, producers fear that it could affect the success of the movie once it hits theatres in November.

Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
For the mean time that Rob and KStew’s relationship are still not okay, there will be problems in having Kristen and Robert do promotional chores together. According to an entertainment report, there are plans to have Rob and his other co-star in the movie, Ashley Greene do the promotions instead. Greene is a big fan of Pattinson, she once said that Rob is one of her ‘biggest inspirations’. In an interview with The Daily Mail Ashley was quoted as saying, “As a person, he's not like anyone I've ever met in Hollywood, and as an actor he's a complete natural. He has no ego.”; referring to Pattinson.

Fans of the movie franchise have been known to be into the characters a little too much. Will the movie be another huge hit or the effects of the latest development with the cast members of the film cause its failure? We bet the producers and the members of the promo team are having sleepless nights now, thinking how they’d still make the last part of the Twilight franchise successful. For now, we can do nothing but wait and see.


Image Source: Read. Breath. Relax | Movie Fanatic