Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winter and fall trends to make guys go gaga over you!

    Autumn and winter is just around the corner and definitely, the summer look is not fashionable anymore. Don’t you worry though; for we will give you the newest beauty trends to keep you looking smoking hot through the chilly months of fall and winter. Every winter, the newest beauty trends have always looked alike that some beauty experts have been poking fun at the trends for this coming fall. Enough of tanned skin from all the sunbathing you’ve done last summer. Now is the time for the usual sleek hairstyles and dark lips that contrasts well with the pale skin.

Here are just some of the distinctive newest beauty trends you might want to try this fall.
  • Colorful, but dark nail polishes will sure have your toes standing out. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  • Bangs with a bob, when it suits you, can help accentuate your facial structure. Whether it’s blunt bangs or long, side swept bangs—choose what looks best on you.
Bob haircut - Jennifer Love-Hewitt
  • If you have long hair but don’t want to cut it any short, why not try having blunt bangs on your hair. They’d probably look great.
Selena Gomez straight bob cut
Selena Gomez straight bob cut
  • Thick brows complement the structured clothes for the fall and winter perfectly. Bright lips, especially in shades of red, orange, pink, and burgundy makes you look awesome without having to put on too much make up. It gives you that simple look.
  • Sport the “cat eyes”. Grab that brown or black liquid eyeliner and go make the line. Just make sure that it is just about outside the eye and it curved up a little.
Angelina Jolie's Cats eye
Angelina Jolie's Cats eye
  • Defined curls, false eyelashes. They look perfect during this season.
  • Bold, short haircut. A lot of celebrities are trying it. Why not give it a show? It might just suit you.
Bold, short haircut
  • Dark, smoky eyes are always in. Try mixing and matching different shades to make your eyes more stylish.
Beyonce's smoky eyes
Beyonce's famous smoky eyes
  • A vintage 50’s inspired hair and nice curls are perfect for your shoulder length hair.
Katy Perry's 50's inspired haircut
Perfect 50's inspired hairstyle

    Those are just some of the newest beauty trends that you might want to try out. So go and give yourself that well-deserved makeover for the coming fall and winter season!


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