Sunday, September 2, 2012

This just in: AI shake up continues

     Celebrity news and gossip sites are all focused on the latest changes in the twelfthand upcoming season of the hit reality show American Idol. After Lopez and Tyler’s announcement that they are leaving the show in its coming season, AI producers are tapping R&B artist Nicki Minaj and (reportedly) songbird Mariah Carey to be the newest judges. Carey, allegedly hung up on the show’s producers after receiving news that she will not be the lone female judge of the show as Minaj is almost a “done deal” and 99% sure to be part of the show. It is no secret that Mariah is not a fan of Nicki and the former doesn’t want the latter in the table. The producers think that Marian and Nicki’s conflict will be good for the show. Names of rappers Diddy, Kanye West, and even Snoop Dogg (which happens to be Snoop Lion now) also surfaced as candidates to be Idol’s next judges.

From LEft to Right: P. Diddy, Kanye West, Snoop Lion - AI Judges
     Well, the coming judge shuffle drama is not done yet as celebrity news and gossip sites have confirmed that the show’s lone original judge is also relinquishing his post. Randy Jackson was the only judge to have endured all of the eleven seasons of the hit TV show which will also be changing soon. Jackson, sources said, will instead be a mentor in the coming season. Because of this latest development, the Idol producers are reportedly looking for someone from the country music genre and will also be looking for a fourth judge (again) for the show.

     The judges’ seats have seen various faces coming and leaving American idol. Season after season, various AI judges came and left the show. Originally, creator of the show Simon Fuller, singer Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson were the show’s first judges.To spice things up, Kara DioGuardi was added as the fourth judge for the show’s eighth season.In season nine, Abdul left and Ellen DeGeneres replaced her. The very next season, Cowell also left the show with DioGuardi and DeGeneres as Latina bombshell-singer Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith front man Steve Tyler replaced them for the tenth and eleventh season of the show. When will this continuing saga for the Season 12 American Idol judge lead to? Follow us on twitter to check the latest Idol updates as well as other celebrity news and gossip!
American Idol Season 11 Set of Judges

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American Idol Season 9 Set of Judges

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