Monday, September 24, 2012

Score That Beach-Babe Look

   In just a few days, summer is about to end. Before you say hello to autumn, say goodbye for this year's summer and in a unique way be a beach babe first. So tag along your favorite pals and do water activities to your heart's content. So what are your must haves? Here's your checklist grab it and you're good to go and score that fab beach bum look.

    Sunnies: They say our eyes are the mirror of our souls so we must take care of them.  Bring your sunnies and say hello to the sun and other factors that may damage your eyes worry-free. For girls with huge face, try sunnies with square frames and for the girls with longish face circular-framed sunnies are perfect for you. Bvlgari and some prada are on sale for 50%. But for girls on budget Calvin Klein sunnies are there to save the day!
sunglasses for summer
Different Sunglasses for Summer

    Fedoras: Sunbathing can cause headache so you also need to bring your fedoras with you. Huge circular fedoras can also save you from a bad hair day in a fab way.
fedora hats for women
Floral Fedora Hats

    Flip Flops: Colorful flip flops are not just pleasing in the eyes but also safer to use on beach as it is lighter. Choose havs that has thin parallel lines in the sole to save you from slipping.
Perfect sets of summer inspired flip flops

    Sunblock: The most important part of our body the skin. Yes, it's true you want to achieve that copper toned skin for summer but you don't want to suffer from sunburn right. So, don't forget this ok.
sun block
There are wide range of sunblocks to choose

    Swimwear: This is the most important thing you must bring among them all. Choose swimwears that flatter your curves.  So how will you score that total beach-babe look without risking the embarrasing wardrobe malfunction? Simple get the swimwear that totally fits you. TIP: high cut bikinis are kinda trending now, you can give it a try.
sample swimwears
sample swimwears

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Image Source: BrewedAliExpress | Italian FlipFlops | Million Looks

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