Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Skirt to Grab for Your Body Frame

Skirt is females’ garment. Through ages it has evolved into different styles, cuts, length, and for social status. Today girls are piled with skirts. Skirt exudes femininity, reveals softness of a woman. But it can be of greater use for your total look if you choose the skirt that is perfect for your body frame. So here are some tips about skirt shopping.

For Petite ladies: mini-skirts are best for petite ladies. Miniskirts add length to your legs girls with petite frames should wear skirts not covering their knees. Miniskirts have varieties they can be in denim, floral satins and stiff garments. Grab the right one according to the occasion you are set to go.

Mini skirtMini skirt

For Tall ladies: long skirts are best for you. It can make your legs even look longer and at the same time accentuate your legs’ shape through its silhouette. Nowadays, maxi skirt and mullet skirts are booming so there are lots of designs to choose from. Just remember again, the event.

Long SkirtsLong Skirts

For thin ladies: for thin ladies, skirts with drape design, high waist, and balloon details are for you. In this way, you will get to have a healthier and sexier aura. Avoid wearing skirt with tight pencil cut designs as it trims down fullness. High waist is good for you because it will make your legs look longer thus the focus will be on the length of your legs and not on your thinness. Balloons apparently will be your best friend, because aside from adding up volume to your waist it will also pull off youthful aura, but in that case choose simple top to tone down the loudness.
High waist skirtdraped and ballooned skirt


For full-figured ladies: skirts with loud prints and pleats are good for you. Mullet skirt is also advisable for it gives drama, you get to expose your knees yet you are all covered up from behind. Skirts with pleats minimize fullness of hips but don’t go to ball skirts. Skirts with straight cut must be your pick, to trim down unwanted fullness. 

Image Source: Satin Woods | This next | Sears | ModCloth

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