Monday, January 14, 2013

Could there be a different ending for Cox and Arquette?

Some relationships are just not meant to end with a “Happy ever after”. Today people rush into marriage, when they get into a relationship and feel that it might work between the two of them they commit themselves to being married without really trying to think of what lies ahead.
Here in the United States divorce has been rampant most especially with big celebs, first because they have resources to do so and second they don’t have time for each other anymore. Things just don’t work the way they were when couples finally exchange their vows and see the real person they are dealing with. However, these bitter endings rarely come to sweet reconciliations but there are people who make it happen.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette amazingly maintained a good relationship after their separation. The couple got married around 1999 and stayed together for about 10 years or more. They separated at 2010 without filing a divorce yet, maybe to test if their relationship can still be restored to how it was before also for the sake of the family they have. The reasons for their separation were not clear at first but they sure ended it quietly not showing any hard feelings for each other. Last year, June 2012, David Arquette filed their divorce papers with the reason of “irreconcilable differences”. However, in the recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show, when asked about their status, Courteney Cox answered with delight that David is her bestfriend in the world now and that she loves him. She justifies that they have discovered a lot about each other after the separation that made them respect each other more. They keep a good relationship as friends, which is very amazing if you would compare them to quite a big number of couples which turned bad. The two share their time with their eight year old daughter Coco that may also be the reason why this former pair gets to have time for each other as well.

David Arquette is currently dating Cristina McLarty from Entertainment Weekly and Courteney Cox is still single. Though there could be a lot of questions why they separated, why Courteney is still single and how come two years have passed before they decided to finally file a divorce, what’s important is they still maintain a good relationship with each other. These two met each other because of the movies and series they did together, got in love with each other when they were in F.R.I.E.N.D.S and now that they are friends again, who knows if there could be another chance for the love that was once there?

Image Source: Mamamia

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