Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Go fresh and floral with Viktor and Rolf’s powder

With the kind of weather we have today woman’s best friend to stay fresh and confident is a dab of a powder. May it be compact or loose, a powder is always a must have. Everyone starts from using a refreshing touch since they were little babies. Mom’s never let their child go through a day without a powder to keep delicate skin from rashes and any skin diseases caused by sweat. Now as people grow older our oil glands become demand more of maintenance. Though using powders depend on the type of skin a person has it would still be safe to use something to prevent facial outbreaks and as well as to keep your face to its utmost perfection. There are lots of brands in the market that promises best effects for all costumers but these vary depending on how your skin will react to them. 

Here is an item women will sure love these days. Viktor and Rolf’s flowerbomb scented face and body powder is made to come to your rescue, it comes in a handy tube that releases its hidden kabuki brush when the cap is removed. Contains the powder inside the tube already so all you have to do is to shake a little and start brushing your face and body with it. Viktor and Rolf’s flowerbomb collection is made to meet the need of every woman for a perfect look that will keep their faces glow and be free of shine – from oil. It also gives you less worry of sudden breakouts and unlikeable elements in your face because they are made from the finest natural ingredients. The powder also comes with a floral scent that would make you confidently fresh throughout the day. The powder ingredients include tea, bergamot, Simbac Jasmine, Centifolia rose, Fressia and Cattleya orchids to showcase the most delicate and adorable aroma you can bring with your face and body all day. No need to spend so much for a floral scent for they would all be included in your powder.

Viktor and Rolf’s flowerbomb scented face and body powder is available at Neiman Marcus stores, if you want to see the glow and smell the scent for yourself go to the nearest stores now!

Image via the Powder Room Blog

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