Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fame and riches unhandled

Lots of celebrities start from simple to fabulous then to Prada. However, some manage to live a life without debts, some cannot. As we can see fame and riches are one of the deadliest pits of all time, it can either bring you to the zenith of your dreams or to the doom of your name and career. These two things should be given to people who can handle and manage them well. However, it is obvious that a lot of people are given the chance to have this and it is just up to them if they would handle it well. 

Lindsay Lohan, a former Disney artist really captured the hearts of a lot of people when she was younger. She was in movies that truly shared good messages about family and relationships, fantasies and realities. However, the little princess wasn’t able to manage all this. When she grew up everything became a lot more different from the movies to the song she makes. A lot still appreciated her for that but now that she is not that of a celebrity anymore the little princess turned wild. Lindsay Lohan has been in the entertainment headlines a lot of times already when she turned in her early 20’s she was caught for driving in the influence of alcohol, misbehavior in bars, debts for rent, credit cards and taxes  and worse use of drugs. Just this month, Lindsay is said to be big debt for the mansion she is renting in Beverly Hills, thought the celeb doesn’t earn much anymore she cannot withdrew from her one day millionaire lifestyle and eventually buries herself in  trouble. It is said that she asks help from her friends to earn some or to get enough to avoid being homeless. Some were able to lend her money before but in this situation what will happen to Lohan is uncertain.

Lindsay Lohan’s life turned bad not because of the track of her career but because of how she managed her resources. Though there is a sure reason behind this sudden change in the actress’s lifestyle and whatever it may be she definitely needs help. May her life be a lesson to everyone not just in the showbiz industry but also for those who have more than they really need.

Image via: Examiner

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