Monday, December 10, 2012

Confidence in tints

    Abba’s hit Dancing Queen has made a great name in the music industry during the 70’s which is still loved until today. This song has always been part of every party and is sure to be heard on the dates marked in your calendars. Surely as Christmas season comes near a lot of festive celebrations will get the most of your days and you would absolutely want to look at your best in these events. A perfect look would never fail to give you the confidence to get through the night but you should make sure to look unique in every celebration. As Abba’s all time favorite song was bought by millions of listeners around the globe here’s one deal that will surely make you a head turner, giving you and opportunity to have unique looks in every occasion that would definitely make you blend in with the beat of the night.

Lipstick Queen now gives out a Christmas blowout to all the sassy girls in the world, a set of lipstick with a kick of glitz and glamour. This new product was inspired by the famous party hit and is now known as the Lipstick Queen’s Dancing Queen by Poppy lipstick set. It comes with an inimitable feature of a sheer-matte formula that gives your lips a shiny look with a matte finish; this is truly a formula not all make-up brands can come up with. The set of lipstick shades comes in 3 different colors every woman would love: Cha Cha, which is in the hue of sheer wine perfect for any event in the day or at night and could match any shades of pink, gold, silver, blue, gray or black, can be used for work or for night outs. The Hustle, the nude version of the set is truly useful for any purpose, that it matches all colors that gives a unique glow just enough for simple walks and strolls for an elegant profile. The last of the set is perfect for making a loud impression, Electric Slide, the color of this shade of deep rose will make your lips attractive and eye catching for it is not the usual red tint that gives a minute glance and irritates the eyes. This color is cool in the eyes and perfect to look at. These shades would be perfect for any skin color and face structure as they come in a set of three you would have the freedom to try them all on.

Give yourself the perfect look and dozens of confidence this Christmas, have a Lipstick Queen’s Dancing Queen by Poppy lipstick set at $45..

Image via Kiss and Make up

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