Monday, December 3, 2012

Rihanna-Chris Brown: The Second Time Around

   The Rihanna and Chris Brown romance is one of the most controversial in Hollywood. They made headlines in 2009 when Chris Brown inflicted serious physical injuries to Rihanna after a heated argument. Rihanna’s barely recognizable, bruised face was posted in every news site all over the world. Chris Brown admitted his act, shortly went to prison, and was sent on probation.

After the highly publicized incident, Rihanna, expectedly, called it quits with Chris Brown, whom the world ostracized for a while. Women rallied behind Rihanna to show support and encouragement. Rihanna stayed out of the limelight for a few months and took her time to recuperate. Her legion of fans stood by her during her most difficult times. They patiently waited for her comeback, and Rihanna did come back—fiercer and bolder.

Rihanna’s star maintains its luster during the aftermath of her relationship with Chris Brown. She releases her biggest hits with her two albums, Loud and Talk That Talk. Her songs claim the top of the charts despite the heavy competition from other pop artist. She becomes a real force in entertainment. People love her distinct style of music. Not even Lady Gaga can shake her from her spot. In 2011, her single, We Found Love, wins the Video of the Year in MTV VMA Awards. The event has started rumors between her and Chris Brown when she hugs him before accepting her trophy.

The year 2012 brings Rihanna more reasons to celebrate. Her seventh album, Unapologetic, debuts at number one in the Billboard chart. Unapologetic is her first album to achieve such feat. The release of her new album coincides with her rekindled romance with Chris Brown. Rihanna, in her interview with Oprah, admits rebuilding her friendship with Chris Brown. Though they have consistently denied getting back together again, their pictures show otherwise. They have been posting suggestive pictures in their Twitter and Instragram accounts.

The entertainment industry has mixed reaction over Rihanna-Chris Brown old new romance. Showbiz analysts think that Chris Brown is a roadblock to Rihanna’s career. She is a superstar with a fragile heart. They fear the 2009 salvo is just around the corner. And they are not sure if it will do more harm than good for Rihanna if ever it happens again.

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