Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood tries musicals

Carrie Underwood
 In the 1960’s the Sound of Music made a great name in theaters all over the world. This musical transformed to a must see in the cinemas captured the hearts of viewers from all ages, young or old. The story of the Von Trapp family singers appealed people because of its relation to American history blended with the story of love, war, passion, family, religion, approval, friendship and music that every one surely can relate to. It has been decades since this amazing work was put to film and now NBC features a new and sure to be sought through release of the New Millennium’s Sound of Music, to revive the once and always loved film.

Late next year the show will be aired with the most promising actors and singers all over the world. American Idol Carrie Underwood will do her third acting career in the said project and shares that she is really excited to play the role. And she also shares that she likes the idea of returning the musicals back to this generation so children of today would come to appreciate the classics. “I feel like there needs to be more live music on TV. They’re bringing back hopefully a love of musicals to a whole new generation, it seems noble and it seems awesome,” Carrie Underwood says. Though she sees this as an ambitious project she assures everyone that she’s putting her guts into it for this is more than a remake of the Sound of music – “I definitely intend to work very, very hard to do the musical justice. It deserves the utmost care and respect”. Carrie Underwood never portrayed a role that includes acting and singing in the two movies she was in, but here you’ll definitely witness and adore a different side of her.

 If you are a fan of musicals and are one of the big crowds who laughed and cried their hearts in the previous film of the Sound of Music don’t miss this original transformation with Carrie Underwood and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. Witness and experience the beauty of musicals once again!

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