Monday, October 29, 2012

Justin Timberlake Ties the Knot While Jessica Biel’s Brother Rants Online

     It’s official! Justin Timberlake has tied the knot with Jessica Biel. According to TMZ, he was spotted while wearing his new wedding ring in Fasamo Italy early in the morning. Some of the famous people who attended the JT and Jess’ wedding were Timberlake’s friends.  Two of them were identified as Andy Sanberg and Timbaland. Beverly Mitchell, Biel’s former co-star in 7th Heaven was also with the couple.  Justin and Jessica were finally engaged in December before parting for sometime in 2011. This is considered as the first wedding for the couple since they were both previously single. However, before meeting Biel, Timberlake had some high profile relationship with Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz.

On the other hand, Jessica’s brother seemed to have something against Timberlake. News has it that Biel’s younger brother had criticized Timberlake’s tequila company for complacency. Justin Biel claims that Timberlake’s 901 Tequila Company was a massive failure due to the drop in sales from the past months. He blames Timberlake for it because apparently, the actor fell short of promoting his own brand. Reports state that JB worked for JT until he resigned just a few weeks ago. Biel’s brother even posted some videos on his Facebook page, which lambasts Timberlake. It stated that Timberlake sabotaged his own company through refusing to promote his own liquor. JB rants that he had waited for JT to do some promotion for the product. He added that Timberlake could simply make a song, post videos or take pictures for the 901 tequila. Not only that, JB insists that the problem has reached their distribution partners and it has caused reputation damage to the company.

It smells as if there is a brewing war between the two Justin’s in Jessica’s life. If this gap is not solved early on, it might result to some complications that might cause problems for the new couple. Moreover, instead of lambasting his new brother in law, JB and JT should talk instead. Posting rude comments online will only make matters worse and it may ruin her sister’s supposedly happy marriage. Based on the turn of events, this report may not be the last from Jessica Biel’s brother.  

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