Friday, November 9, 2012

Penelope Stuns Press, Looks Dazzling as She Dons Blue Gown

Penelope Cruz stunned the press when she arrived wearing a blue dress in the premiere of her movie “Venuto Al Mondo” in Rome Italy last November 5.

The 38-year-old Cruz looked more like a beautiful vision than a real person as she dons a blue one-shoulder floor length gown.

The flowing dress is partnered with simple drop earrings. Cruz also sleekly wore her hair up. Before strutting along the red carpet, she was holding a warm colored beige shawl as she came from the outside braving the cold weather. The dress was simply amazing due to her olive skin.

She posed for photos together with Italian actor and director Sergio Castellitto as well as Margaret Mazzantini, the writer of the movie at the The Space Moderno. Afterwards she headed to show her latest work.

The film is translated as Twice Born. Venuto Al Mondo follows the journey of a single mother who has brought her son to Saravejo. The father of the child has died during the Bosnian conflict some years before. It is based on a book with the same title written by Mazzantini.

Cruz stars as Gemma, the woman who brings her son named Pietro after sixteen years after they escaped from the city.

According to Cruz, she thinks that the movie is a homage to all the women. She further added that it is also a homage to motherhood and to relationship of a mother as well as her child.

Emile Hirsch, a 27-year-old actor, stars as Diego, the father of Pietro. He is left behind in Saravejo during its war stricken year.

Javier Bardem, the husband of Penelope did not attend the premiere since he is busy promoting Skyfall, the new James Bond franchise.

Bardem and Cruz have a son named Leo whom she claims as the reason for her changed outlook in life.

The stunning actress further stated that from the moment a woman has a child, everything changes. The world is seen in a completely different way through the eyes of a child.

The release date of Venuto Al Mondo in the United States is still unknown.  

Image Source: Redcarpet Fashionista

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