Monday, November 5, 2012

Ultimate Anti Aging Cream Uses Wonder Flower Immortelle

Immortelle flower

     Women who are looking for the ultimate anti aging cream should opt for L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream Ultimate Complete Care. This product should never leave their vanity counter for various reasons. For one, this cream completely rejuvenates the skin in a way unlike any product in the market. It is formulated with organic essential oils from two flowering plants namely myrtle and immortelle. Aside from the energizing fragrance from these two oils, both have high levels of omega 3 and fatty acids. This creates a silky smooth texture while it nourishes the skin. 

      L’Occitane guarantees that this product will bring forth a sense of well being upon application while immediately soothing the skin against various irritants. This product prides itself for refraining from using parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, triclosan that irritates the skin and causes some allergic reactions to females. The product is founded on using immortelle, which is also renowned as the everlasting flower. These flowers are unique since they maintain their color, beauty and form after being dried. Such flowers have the same efficacy over aging skin. This product from L’Occitane contains essential oils from immortelle flowers as its main ingredient. The concoction is known for its anti free radical and anti wrinkle properties, which prevents aging. The company further backs up its claim through conducting a test wherein 52 women used the product for eight weeks. It was later revealed that 32 percent of the users have experienced a reduction of dark spots intensity. Meanwhile, 10 percent had their dark spots reduced in size. Immortelle Divine Cream Ultimate Complete Care should be applied once in the morning and evening over a clean face.
According to the application instructions of the product, the eye area should be avoided. The cream is packaged in a yellow bottle that reflects the healing and soothing properties of the ingredients that it has used. Ladies who wish to literally stop skin aging should start early on. L’Occitane guarantees that his product lives to its promise of providing the youthful glow, which most women would love to have. Females should be ensured that they are using effective products such as the Immortelle Divine Cream Ultimate Complete Care. 

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