Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic Films His Own Reality Show

It’s confirmed! Andrej Pejic, the gender-bending male model is now in the early stages of having his own reality show. The androgynous model started filming recently in New York. This was affirmed through an email from the “DNA Models” – Pejic’s agency. If this ensues, it will then be the breaking entertainment news for most fashion aficionados. 

The show will focus his various assignments together with his mother, Jadranka Savic. As of the moment, DNA Models’ announcement has gained a lot of media attention especially from fashion magazines and websites. The show will surely tap the curiosity of viewers and would provide an insight to the colorful world of modeling. Conversely, Andrej is credited as one of the most in demand names in today’s fashion industry. Most designers loved him for being flexible and handy since he can model both women and men’s wear. If his show garners high ratings, which is high probable, it may be the start of his superstardom much like that of Tyra Banks at his young age. Currently Pejic is just 20 years old and he still has many years to further explore the world of modeling. Pejic also has an interesting childhood since he fled from his war torn country Bosnia-Herzegovina, to settle in Australia. He was discovered while working at McDonald’s before his 17th birthday. In most of Pejic’s interviews, he stated that he abhors the thought of being boxed and stereotyped within particular gender. 

Based on the reports, he stole the show when he opened the Rosa Clara at the Barcelona Bridal Week 2012. Aside from this, we made a big online buzz after he made a campaign for Hema’s Mega Push-Up Bra, December last year. The resulting photos would make a person think twice. Most may find Pejic interesting and unique due to his ability to model both male as well as female clothing in the runway. It seems that fashion is arriving at the age of androgyny. Since Pejic was accepted by the fashion industry, then this might signal a new trend wherein more models would try clothes, which were at first stereotypically made for the opposite gender.

Photo Credits:  Corbis Images

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