Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pixie Cut Makes a Comeback through Anne Hathaway

   Its official! The pixie cut is back. According to the latest fashion industry news from glossy magazines, the pixie is making a comeback after Anne Hathaway dons the look at the London’s The Boxnightclub last June. Hathaway did the haircut as preparation for her role as Fantine in the film adaptation of the famous broadway musical Les Misérables. Fantine is an impoverished young mother who sold her hair and then her teeth just to provide for her child named Cosette. Her new style compliments Anne’s slim frame after going through an extreme crash diet which she also drastically did just to make the role believable. According to the previous depiction of Fantine’s character, this young mother in the end would contract a disease, possibly tuberculosis, with this Anne should severely cut her weight down.                                                  
Anne Hathaway's Cut - Before & After

       Hathaway is currently not the only star who garnered praises for her pixie. Michelle Williams also topped the list of Elle magazine’s Best Hair in America 2012 for sporting the look. According to the magazine’s website, Williams cropped gathered the most request. Thomas Dunkin stated through an interview with Elle that the cut needs little maintenance and it is more versatile than most may think. Rachel Gower added that the look is popular in steamy climates since the look is effortless. The pixie already made an impression during the 2010 spring show of Jenni Kayne. A fashion expert said that designers were opting for shorter hairstyles due to the economy downpour. This meant that women were seen as stronger and tougher. Pixie cuts would be great for women who have busy schedules and would opt for a hairstyle that would need lesser time to maintain. This change is tremendously different from the past year’s trend that opts for shiny and voluminous styles much like that of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

        Mia Farrow originally made the style popular during the 1960’s. It was a short hairstyle worn by women, which is normally short at the back and sides of the head. It was slightly longer on the top.  Most of the reviews state that this look was never out of style and continually makes a comeback through the years.

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