Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting a Haircut? Take Your Pick from 2012’s Hottest Men’s Haircut

    Whoever said that having a hard time choosing which haircut to sport is just for women is terribly, definitely wrong.

   You see, men like us also have fashion woes just as much as women do. We also mind what perfume we wear on a date, or what shoes to wear for a very important job interview, or what clothes will better emphasize our physical assets.

   Nowadays, it’s become an even, fair ground for both sexes, particularly in fashion. And because we have similar needs to always look good and presentable to people, hence this post.

   For one, you probably care about your crowning glory—you hair—just as much as I do. You see, for us men, our hair deserves proper attention since no matter how good we look, all it takes is for a bad haircut to ruin women’s admiration. And we all know how bad it feels to have a hot woman turn down our proposal for a dinner date just because we sport a dirty-looking haircut.

Accordingly, here are four of the hottest, most fashionable men’s hairstyles for 2012. Take your pick:

Brit-rock. With London hosting the 2012 Olympics, this Brit-inspired hairdo should be all hotter. Incidentally, a lot of this generation’s British rock bands show a clear preference for this forward-sweeping, all-swag style. If your hair type is either straight or curly, then this ‘do should do the trick. And oh, don’t forget to thank me when a hot lady approaches you in a bar from out of the blue.
British Rock Band Hairstyles
Brit-rock rocks!

Undercut. This type of haircut draws inspiration from the bad-ass 1920s (imagine hardened mobsters, or just the Boardwalk Empire characters). This cut is ideal for men with straight hair or hair that can possibly be straightened.
Boardwalk Empire Hair style
                     Guy’s got some serious swagger.

Quiff. Picture Twilight star Robert Pattinson in all his rugged, just-got-up-from-bed glory—that, buddy, is quintessential quiff hairstyle. The good thing about this ‘do is that it has a lot of possible iterations that would suit various hair types and occasions. Perfect for men with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Just-got-up-from-bed glory style
Quintessentially quiff.

Rockabilly. Think quiff is a bit lame and drab? Then by all means go for the rockabilly! Picture James Dean or Elvis Presley, or even Zac Efron: this ‘do packs in some much-needed swagger that will surely pierce women’s hearts like a dagger (in a positive way, of course). If your hair type falls under any of these—curly, wavy, straight—then this would probably be your best choice.

Rockabilly Hairstyle
Rockabilly Efron.

Image Source: Quiff Cut | UnderCut | Brit-Rock | Rockability

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