Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Twilight Break-up: Robert Pattinson Ditches Old Number to Avoid Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

     In the latest development in the real-life drama involving Twilight saga stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (who were also real-life lovers),it was revealed that the British hunk actor has recently decided to sever his communication ties with his estranged sweetheart.

    The two broke up following the much-publicized cheating incident involving Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders, who incidentally, is a very much married man.

    The pair’s steamy makeout session was apparently caught on cam and speedily leaked to the press, hence leading to Pattinson’s decision to split-up with Stewart.

    Even after Stewart’s public apology to Pattinson and admittance to her infidelity, the latter was still apparently heartbroken that he had to leave their love nest and seek solace in a close friend’s home.

    Hollywood gossip columns recently went abuzz when unnamed sources who are allegedly close to the estranged lovers said that Rob finally decided to cut his and Kristen’s communication lines by changing his old number and explicitly telling friends not to let Kristen know it.

Robert Pattinson Sad
    The sources said that Kristen was “desperate to win Robert back but he’s changed his cell phone number and has told mutual friends to let her know that it is over between them.” They added that the actress “can’t sleep and has completely lost appetite. She says she can’t think about anything rationally.”

    Prior to this development, sources said that Robert was actually responding to Kristen’s text messages, and was actually “drunk dialling” her and talking to her over the phone. They were quick to say, however, that the two barely talked, apparently due to the hurt of the cheating incident still very fresh.

     The main question right now that’s been asked by a lot of diehard Twilight fans is if the two will still push through with the scheduled promotion of their latest Twilight saga movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. To this, the sources answered: “It goes without saying that the thought of having to tour the world’s red carpets with Kristen is absolutely horrifying for Rob.”

Image Source:  Celebrity Gossip | Corbis Images

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