Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Use Makeup to Enhance Your Facial Features

     When going to work, you have to look presentable so that your co-employees as well as your employer will give you the respect and attention you need. It might not be easy for you to deal with people at the workplace so it is advisable for you to always look good. One thing that it will do for you is raise your self-confidence, thus allowing you to have fun even when doing your duties at work.

     Applying the right and top makeup products on your face can improve your appearance easily. You need to use quality products so that you are assured that your skin will not be irritated or negatively affected by them. Here are some tips when applying make-up:

     You can use blush on if you want your cheeks to become rosy red. Meanwhile, if you will attend an affair which will last for long hours, you might want to use a liquid blush on so that it will not easily be removed even if you are already sweating. When applying your blush on, you might want to smile so that you can easily apply it on your cheekbones. Remember, there is no need for you to apply too much make-up on your face because doing so will make it look like you are suffering from a sun burn. 
Cheeks - Makeup

     The color of the lipstick you will use should correspond not only on your age, but also on the color of your outfit. For example, it is not advisable for you to use a dark colored lipstick if you are a teenager because it might make you look older than you actual age. If you do not want to use lipstick, then you might want to use a lip gloss instead. 
Lip Enhancing Make up

Eye Enhancing Makeup
     There is a popular saying that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. If this is true, then you should make sure that your eyes will always look good with the use of an eye liner, since they will also boost your appeal on the opposite sex. You can make your eyes look bigger by applying eyeliner on the top of your eyes. Meanwhile, if you want your eyes to look smaller, then you can try applying eyeliner at the bottom.


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