Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spilling the Secrets: Step by Step guide on Applying Makeup

Make Up Tips and Tutorial

     Most how to’s these days would get straight into application of the concealer without even explaining the crucial things to understand when dealing with women’s skin, which is of course, most of the time sensitive to makeup products. To start, every girl should first identify her skin type. Some may have dry, oily or a combination of both. To ensure that the product suits perfectly suits the skin well, it would be helpful to see the recommendation on some cosmetic counters. Some would offer preliminary skin analysis and would counsel on the good products to use.  

Step By Step Make Up Application
     It is important to apply some moisturizer first no matter what the skin type. This is to ensure that the skin is protected from drying or oils. Aside from that moisturizing the skin will soothe it, coats and prevents it from possible adverse effects of other makeup products. Afterwards, apply the foundation primer. This will make the makeup last longer. It will be followed by the sheer foundation. The error of most beginners is that they fail to choose the right color of foundation. Logically if the skin tone is not matched well by the foundation, the makeup will look peculiar rather than enhancing the features of the face. One of the great beauty tips on how to apply makeup is to wear an illuminator for the skin to reflect some light. This will make the skin more youthful rather than dull which comes from matte makeup. Illuminators are now available through some known cosmetic brands. Most how to’s do not teach this trick. 

     Apply the make up from the hairline down to the neck. Make sure that the face and the neck is covered to prevent some noticeable differences in the color of the face and the neck area. Use a sponge to get the makeup into some hard to reach areas. Concealers are applied afterwards into the reddish areas of the face to hide spots. Next is the application of the blush. It is applied at the temple of the cheeks. The strokes should be upward until it reaches the temples of the face. What follows is the application of the eye makeup. The brows should be defined through using an eyebrow pencil. Then the curler before the mascara is applied into the lashes. Last is lining the lip with a liner that matches its color before applying the preferred lipstick.

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