Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Bourne Legacy: Now Showing and Rocking

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Bourne Legacy

     Universal Pictures’ The Bourne Legacy, the fourth instalment of the Bourne series, had recently opened in box-offices in select U.S. theatres and had its Asian premier in the Philippines at the Resorts World Manila, with no less than Producer Pat Crowley in attendance. 

The star-studded movie also premiered in Japan, Australia, India, and parts of Europe.

The CIA spy flick stars American actors Jeremy Renner (“Hurt Locker”) and Edward Norton (“The Illusionist”), and British actress Rachel Weisz (“The Mummy”). The film was directed by Tony Gilroy, who happens to be the screenwriter of the first three Bourne movies.

The plot
     The movie takes Aaron Cross (Renner), an Operation Outcome member, from Alaska to the Philippines. Cross was initially sent to Alaska to be trained. There, he met Number Three (Oscar Isaac), a fellow Outcome agent. A blizzard that ensued forced them to hole up in their cabin and kept them from reaching back to civilization.

     At the same time that the two operatives were trapped in Alaska, Jason Bourne inadvertently disclosed the existence of Operation Blackbriar and Treadstone Project, a move that led the FBI to investigate CIA bigwigs. What follows is a convoluted plot to silence all Outcome operatives, in which Cross miraculously survived.

     His quest to re-set things in order led him to Dr. Marta Shearing (Weisz), an Outcome scientist whom herself was ordered killed by the CIA. The two then decided to join forces in search of a mysterious pill that would “viral off” Cross’ genes. Their plot led them in and around Manila’s impoverished areas, where they were chased by Larx-03 (Louis Changchien), a supersoldier sent by the CIA to kill the two.
The stars, Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz riding motorcycle along Manila

     Larx-03 engaged the pair in a high-speed motorcycle chase around Manila traffic, which ended in Larx-03 being killed. The two then rode a boat where they bribed the boatman into taking them to a ferry where they were taken to other locations where the movie’s actions continued.

The Bourne domination
     This latest Bourne film is being hoped to push the box-office showing of the entire series past the billion-dollar mark. If it does break the billion-dollar barrier, then it will join the likes of Titanic, Avatar, The Avengers, The Phantom Menace, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story 3, and many more.

     Producer Pat Crowley, in his message to the audience of the Manila premiere also said that the movie’s Manila motorcycle chase is being hailed as among “the best chases ever,” an obvious salute to the movie’s cast and crew.

     If these two factors are to be considered, then it’s definitely safe to say that The Bourne Legacy clearly showed box-office domination. And with the movie still yet to premiere in several countries, there’s little wonder that this latest Bourne series offering will surely leave a lasting legacy in movie history.

 Image Source: IMDB | The Hindu

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