Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry Gets Nude and Naughty during Vegas Party

You can’t get any more Royal Naughty than this.

   Apparently, British Royalty Prince Harry was photographed in various states of undress during a recent soiree in the Sin City. Now, surely, this is got to be a fodder of royal proportions for Hollywood news and gossip columns and TV shows.

   Prince Harry was reportedly shown nude in several photos with possibly two unidentified women. The photos show him completely stripped down in what was apparently a game of strip billiards inside the royal’s VIP room.

   In one photo, Prince Harry was shown standing in all his royal nakedness, with an equally nude nameless woman standing behind him. Another photo showed the naughty and nude prince hugging a woman, who was also apparently completely naked, from behind.

Prince Harry Photo scandal in Las Vegas
Sketch of TMZ's exclusive Photo of Prince Harry's scandal
   According to sources, the royal prince was with close friends in a Las Vegas hotel bar recently. The group went on a babe-hunting spree and apparently succeeded doing so, since they managed to bring along some hot girls with them. Inside the prince’s VIP suite, the group decided to play strip billiards, which eventually became a no-holds-barred undressing session.

   Apparently, some participants decided to capture all the fun in digital format to immortalize what could possibly be a very intimate royal moment not meant for public consumption. But as it turned out, the incriminating photos made the rounds on the Internet and apparently reached the attention of the Royal Family.

   However, when pressed for reaction, a spokesman quickly said no comments are available yet from the Royal Family concerning the said photos.

Meanwhile, the women in the photos are yet to be identified.

   The said incident was just among the many scandals concerning people with considerable fame. In the past, the likes of Chris Brown, Carly Rae Jepsen, Terrell Owens, and many other celebrities have had their nude photos leaked online. However, this recent scandal is something else, and rightfully deserves a category all on its own.

   At present, showbiz columnists and TV hosts, together with their fans, are eagerly awaiting developments in this Royal mayhem.

Image Source: Gawker

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